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I do two types of seminars:

1. A specific book or subject. For example, most of my seminars are about Rain Tonight; A Tale of Hurricane Hazel but I have 3 new books coming out this year and I am happy to talk about one or all of them. In my book seminars, I talk about the reasons why I chose to write a book on the subject and I show a powerpoint slide-show presentation. In my Rain Tonight presentation I show more than 50 photos of what happened when Hurricane Hazel hit Ontario. For my Coloured Corps presentations, I show photos of people and places mentioned in my book, I If time permits, I also show some short film clips. I have my own laptop and projector and only need a screen and an electrical outlet to present my show.

2. I talk about writing. A lot of children want to know where I get my ideas, do I have a writing routine, why did I become a writer, etc. To open, I read a few of my favourite writing passages then I answer questions. I also discuss the many types of writing and what students can expect if they will to pursue a career in writing themselves. If your students want to know about writing, I have 30 years of experience to draw on.

My Rates:

Are negotiable but as a general rule of thumb I charge $300 for a half-day (two 1-hour seminars per half-day) and $500 for a whole day (four 1-hour seminars per day). I am also willing to be "shared" by two schools that are close together so that they can each have me for half a day but together they get the full day reduced rate. I've even done three schools in one day (with a teacher-librarian as my shuttle driver).

If your school is out of my home base (the Near North area) I may have to charge mileage (30 cents per kilometre) or factor in the cost of a bus, train or airplane ticket. and overnight accommodation. I love travelling and meeting new people, however. I recently came back from British Columbia where I did readings in Comox, Campbell River and Coquitlam.